Aeri Go

Aeri Go is a jewelry designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work explores soft, organic shapes and sculptural pieces that complement the natural forms of the human body. Her pieces are characterized by their elegant lines and subtle yet bold volumes that are characteristic of Korean art and craft. It's her goal to inspire a conversation about how nature can provide a space to connect with our emotions and be present in our thoughts. She conveys this narrative through the natural motifs in her work.

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  • Yumi Ring
    Yumi Ring
    Aeri Go
    $260.00 USD
  • Lula Ring
    Lula Ring
    Aeri Go
    $190.00 USD
  • Arum Earrings Set
    Arum Earrings Set
    Aeri Go
    $270.00 USD
  • Gooseul Earring Set
    Gooseul Earring Set
    Aeri Go
    $360.00 USD
  • Path Ring
    Path Ring
    Aeri Go
    $200.00 USD