SHEK LEUNG is a Hong Kong / London-based eponymous label founded by Shek Yen Leung. Shek grew up in a family that worked in the film industry. Even as a boy, he was gripped by the artistry that he saw depicted on set and he still uses moving images to inspire some of his most artisanal textiles and garment constructions. SHEK LEUNG bears the family history in moving images and narrative creation. Instead of moving images, humanistic emotions and narratives are interlocked by the handmade craftsmanship, embodied on tangible fashion pieces. It is through tactile textures and sensitive details that SHEK LEUNG brings this sensual cinematic vision to life.

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  • *EXCLUSIVE* Sensual Stapled T-Shirt
    *EXCLUSIVE* Sensual Stapled T-Shirt
    Shek Leung
    $109.00 USD
  • Slash Tee
    Slash Tee
    Shek Leung
    $213.00 USD
  • Twisted Mad Shirt
    Twisted Mad Shirt
    Shek Leung
    $365.00 USD
  • Rhombus Cut Trousers
    Rhombus Cut Trousers
    Shek Leung
    $494.00 USD
  • Roth Textured Knit Sweater
    Roth Textured Knit Sweater
    Shek Leung
    $372.40 USD $532.00 USD