Our Ethos

Here at LANG, being better for our planet is always top of mind for us and is one of the integral pillars that the store, a beacon of Asian designer clothing and Hong Kong clothing brands, has been built on. We are aware of what overproduction and the overall effects of the fashion industry has on climate change, so at LANG, we buy in limited quantities and most of our brands operate on a Made to Order basis.

We also work with brands to empower them to rethink their process and commit to ethical decisions. We feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that we can honor our mission of uplifting Asian creators, but also to do our part in taking care of the planet for future generations.

Equity and inclusion are also important pillars at LANG. Representation matters and whether it be within our company or what we stand for as a brand, we see the significance of diverse voices being heard. Our mission is to be able to spread the message of inclusivity through fashion and storytelling on our platform, emphasizing our dedication to contemporary Asian fashion and the latest in streetwear.

We aim to continue to progress and grow as a brand and we thank all those who have supported the journey of LANG so far. We hope that as a community we will grow alongside each other and together, we hope to work towards a more inclusive future, one step at a time.

Lots of love,
Kayla Wong