Discover LANG: The Heart of Asian Fashion in Los Angeles


“Lang” or “靚” in Cantonese means “beautiful” in its most literal sense, but the word itself is culturally diverse in a way that is impossible to adequately translate into English. “Lang” can be used to describe aesthetic beauty, but it can also be used in snarky “cha chaan tang” diner jargon when waitress aunties are describing female patrons. “Lang” can be used to describe pretty girls, but also handsome boys. The word itself is simple and abrupt – phonetically plain and unassuming – but the weight that it carries is significant and loaded with cultural meaning.

Born from a vision to celebrate beauty in its many forms, LANG has established itself as a standout Asian fashion clothing store in the heart of Los Angeles. Our mission is to offer a retail experience unlike any other, paying tribute to the vibrant spectrum of casual wear fashion, art, and design emanating from Asian communities. Inspired by founder Kayla Wong’s roots in Hong Kong, LANG is more than just an Asian fashion clothing destination; it's a platform that uplifts Asian artists, designers, and creators, showcasing their unique perspectives and narratives. Here, we've curated an eclectic mix of art, fashion, and home items that defy conventional labels, bridging gaps between cultures and languages. LANG is dedicated to uncovering beauty in the myriad, from the elegant to the unconventional, the familiar to the surprising. Join us in Los Angeles as we celebrate this colorful array of creativity and invite you into our world of extraordinary discoveries.