Pak Choi Keychain

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Jüü Jüü's Pak Choi Keychain is a playful take on the ubiquitous Chinese cabbage. Known for its unmistakable white and green colors, this miniature glass bead version looks adorable hanging on your favorite tote, purse, carabiner and beyond. As an added element of detail, a tiny green plaque with the Chinese character for "love" hangs from the bottom of the keychain.

Size & Fit

- Length: 18 cm

Details & Care

- Glass
- Jade
- Stainless steel

Oxidation is a natural process when metal interacts with water, humidity, and oxygen. Please store your Jüü Jüü in an airtight jewelry box, cloth, or plastic bag to help slow down the natural process of oxidation.

To preserve the finish of your Jüü Jüü, please remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering, doing any kind of physical activity.